VEmesh™ IoT Extension to DALI, or in short E2D, is a complete turnkey solution that stands out in complementing LED light upgrade to DALI professional lighting control, while using the VEmesh utmost robust, reliable and flexible Wireless network.

With up to 16,000 DALI Luminaires and sensors per network and 50,000 Networks per single IoT server, E2D is well suited for street, highway, parking lots, large industrial compounds and similar outdoor and indoor modernization, towards users experience comfort and convenience.
To both the users and the contractors, E2D offers an unmatched combination of long-term cost efficiency by DALI interchangeability and fast ROI by deployment productivity and reduced maintenance expenditures.

A unique wireless technology, VEmesh™ that features space, time and frequency diversity, allows E2D to offer the highest possible robustness and resiliency at luminaires’ level, together with best RF coverage and farthest range in its class.

VEhub completes the lighting control system with modern network and energy control; alternatively, the customers can easily use instead their own management system hub.

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