Fire integration

Easily integrate panels from different panel makers and integrate your CCTV and building management system.

Connect panels from all these different fire systems

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Integrate your CCTV

CrossTalk3.1 is primarily a fire reporting and management tool, however the integration capabilities of this system are very powerful. As your system grows, CrossTalk3.1 has the ability to integrate CCTV monitoring and reporting onto the same system, giving your building a new sense of control, monitoring and safety.

There is also the option to only have running CCTV when alarm is triggered. As the alarm sounds, CCTV is activated allowing instant vision of the alarm. This is perfect to find out if there is a fire on site or if it is a false alarm set off by cooking etc.

Leak detection with alerting system

Another available addition to CrossTalk3.1 is leak detection. If your building or campus also looks after or is in danger of flooding, leak detectors can be installed and integrated onto the same system.

This can range from CO2 sensors, water sensors or any type of leak detection.

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